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How Ready For Piano Lessons Are You, Really?

Your Unique Piano Readiness Stage Is:

“Kumo Stage!” 🎹

Here’s What That Means

(Plus a FREE Video Piano Lesson Consult)

Grab Your FREE Video Consult Below and See if This Studio is For You…

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During Your FREE Video Cosult You’ll Be Able To:

  • Meet your teacher
  • Ask questions
  • See what the studio looks like
  • Get an action plan for next steps
  • See if you want to take lessons here

Your Time Has Expired

To give the person behind you time to book their consult you’ll have to wait 30 mins to access this page again. You can refresh this page in 30mins to regain access.

Mistakes Happen. If you meant to request your consult but missed out, text my assistant Amy before someone else books (scan the qr code below to text her or text her here (516) 882-3860.) Let her know you want to request a consult and she’ll get back to you asap.

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What Students Like You Think About Lessons

Below you have Marissa, Deb, Teddy, Nicole, Ant, Peter & Becky.

gold stars

“My Family is Going to Flip Out When They See I Can…”

I know mastering piano normally starts off at a younger age, but Sara reassured me that I could definitely learn. I look forward to lessons each and every week… – Marissa Dunne, Seaford, NY

marissa talking about piano lessons
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young piano student talking about piano lessons in seaford
piano student playin outside at recital scaled
piano student writing about their piano lessons
Screen Shot 2020 11 11 at 7.03.29 PM
review of chatalbash lessons left on google
young piano student talking about piano lessons in seaford
piano student writing about their piano lessons
review of chatalbash lessons left on google

Rated 4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by 279 happy members

It’s just a short, casual convo to see if we’d be a good fit.

Chatalbash Lessons

1890A Wantagh Ave. Wantagh, NY

We’re Easy to Find!

1090A Wantagh Ave, Wantagh, NY

Call or Text:
Mon – Sun 11am – 8pm
(516) 882-3860

Lesson Times
Wed, Fri: 5pm – 8pm
Sun: 5pm – 8pm
Mon, Tues, Sat: No lessons

Rated 4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by 279 happy members

It’s just a short, casual convo to see if we’d be a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure? I’ve answered some common questions adults have below.

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    Am I too old to learn the piano?

    Absolutely not!

    You can learn the piano and how to read music at any age unlike a lot of other activities even with no musical knowledge. There are plenty of advantages to learning later in life and it’s important for us adults and even seniors to have a creative outlet in life to express ourselves.

    Lessons for adults aren’t the same as they are for children since you learn differently so rest assured that you’ll have custom lessons tailored to you and your learning style. Beginner piano lessons are different from intermediate or advanced lessons so whether you’re an advanced pianist or you don’t have any musical knowledge at all, I’ve got your covered with personalized piano lessons.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Do I have to do the consult?

    All new inquiring students start with a text consult to ask questions and determine if we’re a good fit for each other. Once you decide we’re a good fit, then you’d come in to the studio for your intro lesson!

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    I don't have a lot of time to practice. Can I still get good?
    You don’t need a lot of time to make progress, you just need CONSISTENT time.

    If you only have 30 minutes a day, that’s completely fine, but make sure you do it every day to really cement your skills and ensure you fully comprehend them especially if you’re a beginner with no musical experience reading sheet music.

    I’d recommend no less than 30 minutes a day since you won’t be able to get through everything you need to go over in less time than that, but do mas much as you personally can if you don’t have 30 minutes in your day.

    You’ll just make slower progress, that’s all. Slower progress is better than zero progress. Think about your day or your week in advance and schedule your it for yourself. Maybe wake up a little earlier or do it right after you get home so you don’t forget. Make it a routine!

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Am I locked into anything if I do the consult?

    Nope! It’s just a quick chat. During the chat, you’ll be able to determine if this studio is a good fit for you. It’s free so there’s nothing to lose!

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Why are you qualified to teach me piano?
    Unlike a lot of piano teachers, I didn’t teach myself and this isn’t a hobby or side job for me.

    I was trained for 16 years by many professional pianists who have their BM degrees on piano and/or piano performance and I graduated from The Crane School of Music, a renowned school that breeds some of the best educators in the country.

    I’ve been teaching piano for 14 years and have been a pianist for 26. I’ve performed professionally at numerous venues and even on studio records. I also have experience with online lessons.

    Whether you choose me or someone else, they should be professionally trained to be an instructor, be able to play/teach beginner-advanced, and piano should be their main instrument. It’s a plus if they can teach all musical genres so if you’re interested in something specific like jazz, they can teach it to you.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Will I get made fun of because I’m an older beginner?

    One thing I do know is that nobody will say a word about you being an older learner because they have been exactly where you’ve been, learning piano for the very first time, not being able to read music, with very little musical experience.

    They know first hand how difficult it is and they’ll respect you for it, as will I. What I can’t control is what people outside of this studio who are in your personal life may say to you.

    Remember, if anyone pokes fun at you for learning piano at your age, it just means they’re insecure about their own lives. Don’t read into it too much further than that. Tell them they should take adult piano lessons and learn to play piano at their age.

    They’re probably secretly jealous that you’re doing something for yourself and doing something you’ve always wanted to do when they can’t/are afraid to. To quote Teddy Roosevelt, “It is not the critic who counts. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”

    Are your friends in the arena daring to be great at something? No. But you are so be PROUD. Age means absolutely nothing. You CAN do this!

Grab Your Free Video Consult Below Now

Learning piano can be faster, more fun, and easier than you thought. Let me show you how.

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