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Grow Your Child’s Love for Music Through Piano

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“My son’s happy & excited to go to lessons each week. He is motivated, AND  having fun…

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– Regina Collins, Parent

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Give Them Something Fun

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Provide a Creative Outlet


Boost Their Confidence

You Want the Best For Your Child

You want your child to explore the idea of music.

You want a safe, upbeat, inviting and engaging place for them to explore this part of their world, so you can help them discover activities that interest them.

The problem is, most piano lessons are dull and uninviting, which will snuff out your child’s interest before it even starts.

Your child deserves piano lessons that are fun and engaging, which is why I focus on teaching kids songs they like. This helps them feel good about themselves from day one so they can grow as a person and a musician.

Takes Only 30 Seconds

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Your Child Deserves the Chance to Fall in Love With Music

Hi, I’m Sara, Your Child’s Piano Teacher Who Understands the Struggles of Being a Kid

When I was a kid I’d get so frustrated that I couldn’t get my hands to do what I wanted them to do. Overwhelmed by all the things I still had to learn, I even thought of giving up a few times.

As a graduate of the Crane School of Music and a pianist of 25 years, I’ve developed a unique teaching approach that breaks down complex techniques into simple, easy-to-understand language for kids.

My mission is to help kids become confident and skilled piano players. With my proven lesson format, I’ve helped many students play their favorite songs with ease.

Let me guide you child on their musical journey and help them achieve their piano-playing goals.

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Sara Chatalbash
Owner | Piano Teacher

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SPECIAL OFFER: Come Check Us Out 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Lessons that Take the Mystery out of Playing the Piano For Your Child

And you both get 24/7 access to your teacher so they’ll never feel stuck or frustrated at home.

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Let’s be real, not every child jumps at the thought of piano lessons. But what if learning the piano could be fun and easy? That’s where my lab-style lessons come in.

I’ve created a unique teaching approach that’s designed specifically for kids. I’ve taken out all the negatives I saw with traditional lessons and made learning the piano enjoyable.

With my lab lessons, they’ll never feel alone in their musical journey. They’ll experience the thrill of learning alongside a supportive community of like-minded kids. Say goodbye to the social isolation that comes with triditional lessons and hello to a fun, engaging way to learn the piano!

SPECIAL OFFER: Come Check Us Out 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Get Your Child Playing the Piano In 3 Easy Steps

It’s really this simple.

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Grab Their Free Consult

Discover what lessons are like no commitment, no non-sense.

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Bring Them to Lessons

They’ll learn the fundamentals and tips so they’ll get better, faster.

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They Have Fun & Play Piano

They’ll enjoy playing their favorite songs from Disney to Imagine Dragons.

SPECIAL OFFER: Come Check Us Out 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Experience What They’ve Been Missing

I’d hate for them to miss these advantages.

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They Pick What They Play

So your child will love what they’re playing and stay interested for years to come. 

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Faster Results

With 60 minute lessons, your child will see twice as much progress each week.


Pressure-Free Environment

They are empowered and supported each step of the way.


They'll Learn at Their Pace

If they need more time on a concept, I’ll adjust lessons to make sure they get it.


24/7 Teacher Access

Both you & your child can text me questions during the week so they never feel stuck between lessons.

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They'll Join a Piano Family

With other kids so they never feel alone or like they are the only one learning to play.

SPECIAL OFFER: Come Check Us for 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Piano Lessons for Kids: Before and After 

I asked parents what their child’s life was like before Chatalbash Lessons and how it’s improved after enrolling. Wow, what a difference!

BEFORE: “My kid begged me for lessons. I was reluctant because I didn’t know how serious he was.”

AFTER: “I can’t believe he can play the songs that he does. I love seeing how excited he is each week!” 

BEFORE:We have a piano at home that Emily plays around with. So I put her in lessons.”

AFTER: “Her school teacher asked her to play for the class. This was a huge source of pride for her!”

BEFORE:I wasn’t happy with Jacks’ old teacher. So I took a chance and tried lessons here.”

AFTER: Jack loves lessons so much he rushes home to practice. That says it all it’s incredible!

SPECIAL OFFER: Come Check Us Out 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Let’s Make Your Child’s Piano Playing a Success Story

Just like Andrea, Eleanor, Tim, and Kristin did for their children.

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“…Brandon is Already Writing His Own Music…”

I’m not musically inclined so I wanted to make sure that I found a teacher that was qualified and patient but could also make the class fun… – Andrea Vassallo, Parent, Lindenhurst

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