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Discover why so many people from Islip are traveling to Wantagh for their piano lessons. Piano lessons for beginners – advanced, kids-adults.

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Kids 9-12yo

Watch your child's confidence soar!

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Teens 13-19yo

Let them be proud of themselves!

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Adults 20+yo

Finally, play the music on your Spotify playlist!

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“In 3 months I went from no experience to reading music, playing songs, and performing on stage!”

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– Drew Reynolds, Student

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Kids & Teen Lessons

Build their self-esteem. Playing the piano is meant to be fun and engaging, not stale and boring. 

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Adults Lessons

It’s never too late to start playing the piano. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you can play music.

How Do I Get Started?

That’s easy. Follow the three simple steps below so you can
stop thinking about the piano and actually start playing it.


1. Take Your Assessment

This 30 second Readiness Assessment will help deternine if you’re actually ready to start playing the piano. I’ll ask a few quick questions like are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced player? What are some of your concerns? What are your goals? Once I get your request, an email will be sent to you with your results. If you’re ready, you’ll move to step 2. This assessment is valuable to anyone who is interested in playing the piano.

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2. Request Your Intro

The second part of the assessment will determine if you feel that this is the studio for you by coming in for an intro lesson. This intro lesson will allow you to get a feel for how piano lessons will be going forward. Half the lesson will be spent giving instruction on how to sit, how to position your hands so you’re not in pain, and so much more.  The other half will be spent talking about your goals and what you expect going forward. This is the time to see if you vibe with Sara. Once the lesson is done, you can decide if this is the studio for you.

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3. Play Music You Love

If you decide to take lessons here, that is when the magic really happens! Once you are a student here, you will be on the road to playing the piano with ease. My Lab Lessons are the perfect piano lessons for beginners and intermediates and my Elite Lessons are reserved for more advanced players. I want you to become the kind of pianist that YOU want to be. Want to be the casual player at parties? I got you. Want to fly through challenging classical pieces? I can help you do that, too.

Which Lesson Type Would You
Like to Learn More About?

Click a lessons type below:

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