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FAQ Section

I took real questions I get asked every day and answered them for you below.


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    Do you teach children younger than 8?

    Generally, I only accept children who are 8 years old and up due to the nature of my program being 60 minutes long and students needing to stay focused while independently practicing, but I have made exceptions for younger children who show the level of maturity, focus, and listening skills necessary for lessons. Just because your child is playing around on the piano doesn’t mean they’re ready to be taught. They need to be able to sit still and focus for 60 minutes, listen to directions, read, and handle practicing each day at home.

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    What if my child doesn't like the way you teach?

    If your child does not like me or the way I teach for whatever reason, there is no obligation to stay in the studio. Just give the required 2-week notice of discontinuation and you’re free to go find a teacher better suited for your child. I will take no offense!

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    What if my child doesn't want to practice did I just waste all my money?

    Practicing is not always fun because practicing requires concentrating on the things you CAN’T do and practicing them over and over again until you can.

    It requires discipline and focus that kids sometimes don’t intrinsically have. In my unique program, kids learn their songs DURING their lesson fully before going home instead of being assigned to figure it out at home because the teacher didn’t have time to teach it all in the lesson like what usually happens in traditional, private lessons.

    This was one of the biggest reasons I changed the way I do things. Students go home knowing their songs already so all they have to do is play through it at home and review it so it’s smooth. This means less frustration and confusion at home for both you and your child!

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    Can lessons keep their attention when all they want to do is play on their phones and iPads all day?

    Here, students get to actually pick the songs they play.

    They’ll learn out of their lesson books to be taught fundamentals, but they get to choose songs they love on the side as well so they’ll always have something fun and engaging to want to practice at home.

    Piano lessons are customized to what your child wants to play instead of being forced into playing things only the teacher wants, which leads to boredom and wanting to quit. Children and teens want to feel like they have a say in what they’re learning in their classes and want to feel connected to it so I take that very seriously in my piano lessons.

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    If my child isn't getting something, can the teacher explain things in a different way?

     I’ve been teaching for such a long time that I’ve gained experience explaining things in a million different ways so that any student can understand what I’m saying, no matter their age or ability level.

    Some students are visual learners while others are aural and others may need to do something else. I’m extremely patient and understanding because I know exactly what my students are going through. I’ve been there!

    If your child isn’t getting something, I will try and try again in many other ways until they get it. If your child has any special needs or you know they learn in a specific way, please let me know at the intro lesson.

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    Am I sending my child someplace safe?

    My studio is completely see-through so parents and the public can always see what we’re doing inside. I take children’s safety very seriously.

    There are multiple students in each class as well if you click here you can see exactly what the studio looks like below to get an idea of where your child will be learning.

    I take great pride in providing a calm, creative, and safe space for children to come to. If you’d like to see a copy of my criminal background check, email me right now at I’d be happy to provide that to you so you feel good about who you’re leaving your child with. No questions asked.

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    Are you qualified to teach my child piano?
    Yes, unlike a lot of piano teachers, I didn’t teach myself and this isn’t a hobby or side job for me.

    I was trained for 16 years by many professional pianists who have degrees in music education on piano and/or piano performance and I graduated from The Crane School of Music, a renowned school that breeds some of the best music educators in the country.

    I’ve been teaching piano lessons for 14 years and have been playing for 26. I’ve performed professionally at numerous venues and even on studio records. If you want to read more about my qualifications I have a list on my about page called Just The Facts click here and I’ll take you straight to the list.

    Whether you choose me or someone else, they should be professionally trained, have taught a piano lesson before obviously, be able to play/teach beginner-advanced, and piano should be their main instrument.


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    Am I too old to learn the piano?
    Absolutely not!

    You can learn the piano and how to read music at any age unlike a lot of other activities even with no musical knowledge. There are plenty of advantages to learning later in life and it’s important for us adults and even seniors to have a creative outlet in life to express ourselves.

    Lessons for adults aren’t the same as they are for children since you learn differently so rest assured that you’ll have custom lessons tailored to you and your learning style. Beginner piano lessons are different from intermediate or advanced lessons so whether you’re an advanced pianist or you don’t have any musical knowledge at all, I’ve got your covered with personalized piano lessons.

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    I’m slower to pick up new concepts, can I learn piano at a slower pace?
    You can learn at whatever pace you need! There’s nobody to keep up with so the speed you make progress at makes no difference at all. You’ll see that I’m a very patient person.

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    Will I be the oldest one in the studio?
    I don’t know the answer to that question since I don’t know how old you are, but what I can tell you is that half of my studio is made up of adults so you won’t be alone in your journey. I’ve taught young children all the way through seniors!

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    Will I be embarrassed being surrounded by younger students who may better than me?
    Don’t feel embarrassed. Instead, look at it as inspiration! If they can do it, so can you! Everyone starts lessons at different times so you can’t compare yourself to someone else no matter how young they may be. Everyone learns their own way at their own pace and you don’t know how long those younger students have been taking lessons for to get that good! You’ll sound just as good in time!

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    Will I be able to handle the workload you give me?
    The assignments I give during the week are always catered to your life and schedule. If I know you only have 30 minutes to practice a day, you have a very strenuous job, or a child is involved in a bunch of other activities, I will assign things accordingly. No matter what your case is, you’ll only have to practice what you’ve already gone over and learned during your lesson so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to handle that!

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    What if I can't get something quick enough?
    You’re not competing with anyone or keeping up with anyone so you don’t have to learn anything “quick enough” since you’re going at your own pace! If you need some extra time to master a skill, then take it! There’s no pressure to learn anything according to a schedule and I won’t ever make you feel bad for needing more time.

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    I don't have a lot of time to practice. Can I still get good?
    You don’t need a lot of time to make progress, you just need CONSISTENT time.

    If you only have 30 minutes a day, that’s completely fine, but make sure you do it every day to really cement your skills and ensure you fully comprehend them especially if you’re a beginner with no musical experience reading sheet music.

    I’d recommend no less than 30 minutes a day since you won’t be able to get through everything you need to go over in less time than that, but do mas much as you personally can if you don’t have 30 minutes in your day.

    You’ll just make slower progress, that’s all. Slower progress is better than zero progress. Think about your day or your week in advance and schedule your it for yourself. Maybe wake up a little earlier or do it right after you get home so you don’t forget. Make it a routine!

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    I take frequent vacations, will that be a problem?
    Missing lessons frequently will hinder your progress a lot. If you know that you’re going to miss a bunch of lessons due to vacations and other commitments, then maybe this isn’t the best time or activity for you to start. Consistency is key to progress so your schedule is an important factor to consider before starting!

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    Am I learning in a group?
    No, you are never learning in a group. There are other students in the same room as you, but you are learning on your own and being taught 1-1. You learn what YOU want to learn and the person next to you is learning what they want to learn. You go at your own pace and never have to play with or in front of anyone else in your class!

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    Do I have to perform in recitals?
    I have all my students participate in recitals so that you have a clear goal to work towards, you can share your accomplishments with friends and family, and you can step outside your comfort zone! Performing in front of others will help you in many other areas of life besides piano! My studio recitals are very low-key and most of my students actually look forward to them. Each summer there is a potluck recital in the backyard and I’ve even done a movie-themed recital in an actual movie theatre! You always get to choose what you play and if you’re an adult, don’t worry, you won’t be the only adult there; half of my studio is adults!

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    I have small children and they take up most of my time and energy. Can I still make progress? Is it even worth it?
    Even if you’re a busy parent, you can still make progress. I don’t require that you make x amount of progress by x date so however long you need to complete something is always fine by me, as long as you’re still striving and working as hard as you can. Even if you can’t practice much during the week, you can still make plenty of progress in your weekly lessons as you have an entire hour to learn! Slower progress is better than no progress!

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    Will I get made fun of because I’m an older beginner?

    One thing I do know is that nobody will say a word about you being an older learner because they have been exactly where you’ve been, learning piano for the very first time, not being able to read music, with very little musical experience.

    They know first hand how difficult it is and they’ll respect you for it, as will I. What I can’t control is what people outside of this studio who are in your personal life may say to you.

    Remember, if anyone pokes fun at you for learning piano at your age, it just means they’re insecure about their own lives. Don’t read into it too much further than that. Tell them they should take adult piano lessons and learn to play piano at their age.

    They’re probably secretly jealous that you’re doing something for yourself and doing something you’ve always wanted to do when they can’t/are afraid to. To quote Teddy Roosevelt, “It is not the critic who counts. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.”

    Are your friends in the arena daring to be great at something? No. But you are so be PROUD. Age means absolutely nothing. You CAN do this!


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    If I don't like lessons can I cancel?
    I recommend giving lessons at least 4-6 months before making the call to quit. Learning a new instrument is hard and it takes time to really get used to the level of work and time you need to devote to it. You won’t be rocking out to your favorite songs right away so you need to be patient with yourself! Once you give it a few months and you find that you really hate it or you hate me for some odd reason then you can absolutely discontinue lessons once you give 2 weeks’ notice.

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    I can’t pay monthly. Can I pay you per lesson?
    Lessons are only paid monthly to ensure consistent attendance and commitment. Learning a new instrument is a luxury, not a necessity so if you don’t think you can afford lessons, then wait until you’re ready and able to do so comfortably!

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    Do you give me the lesson books?
    Yes, I will give you all the lesson books you need before your first lesson so that you are ready to go and don’t have to go searching for anything!

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    What do I need to start piano lessons?
    Firstly, you need either an acoustic piano or a digital piano with 88, fully-weighted keys and a bench with a sustain pedal. This is non-negotiable to begin lessons since you need an instrument at home to practice on during the week. Anything less is more a toy than an instrument and this is not up for debate. You wouldn’t ask a guitar teacher if you could practice on a toy guitar without all the strings, right? You’ll also need your lesson books (which I’ll provide you), a pencil, and an assignment notebook. Other than those physical things, you should also have time in your schedule to devote to lessons and practicing!

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    How much are piano lessons?

    For all information about lesson tuition, please click one of our lesson pages and scroll towards the bottom kids & teen piano lessons,  adult piano lessons. There you will find more information about lessons and whats included.

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    How are payments made?
    Invoices are automatically paid on the 15th of each month by card on file or bank transfer only. This way, we can focus on making music together and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting or late fees! Easy peasy!

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    Do you give sibling discounts?

    I don’t give sibling discounts because it takes the same amount of effort and time to teach the first child as it does the second. There are customized lesson plans being made every week for both students and both students don’t learn the same. One might be older and learn faster or differently and may need a different kind of book because of their age. So a lot goes into planning and teaching these lessons and that’s why I don’t give sibling discounts.

About Lessons

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    Do I really need to do an intro lesson?
    Yes. the intro lesson allows you to come in check out the studio, get your questions answered, and take a sample lesson, so you can see if this the studio for you. It also allows me to get to know you better so I make sure you learn the music that intrests you the most. No matter what your skill level is every new student goes through an intro lesson.

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    Do I have to learn how to read music to play piano?
    There are plenty of people who play piano and have no idea how to read music. But just because you CAN do that doesn’t mean you SHOULD.  In my personal opinion, it’s way more beneficial to learn how to read music so that you can pull up any sheet music of any song your heart desires and be able to play it at a moment’s notice instead of having to mimic someone else to learn a song. It’s like reciting a book that you don’t know how to read so even though it takes more time to learn how to read music, it’s worth it in the long run.

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    What if I don’t come prepared to a lesson or I can’t get something right?
    You should always come prepared for your lesson. That means having your books and materials with you and being ready and able to play me the final product of what you’ve practiced all week. If for some reason you weren’t able to practice much that week, then the only person that hurts is you and your progress. We’ll spend your lesson going over the same material until you get it, no matter how long it takes.

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    How can you say you can help me reach my goals faster, aren't all piano lessons the same?
    Piano lessons certainly are not all the same. Every teacher is different and has different techniques and styles! My style is giving you the solid foundation you need to reach YOUR goals, not mine. With my style of lessons, you get the practice time you need in lessons so that you can go home and feel confident. This leads to faster progress towards your goals and more independence to go the extra mile when I’m not around!

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    I was really looking for private 1-on-1 lessons - I can’t learn in a lab setting.
    Let me ask you some questions. Why can’t you learn in a lab setting? Have you ever learned piano in a lab? Have you ever taken piano lessons in both formats to know what you need or prefer? I know that every other studio is doing traditional, private lessons and it’s making you think that that’s the only way you can learn, but it’s not true! Think about the way you learn in school. Your teacher teaches a new concept and then leaves you on your own in a classroom with other students to work independently to practice this new concept. Your teacher doesn’t sit next to you the whole class watching you complete your worksheets, giving you every minute of their attention, right? So why do you need that kind of attention to learn piano? Doesn’t make much sense so I urge you to at least try out a few classes before you make up your mind. You can’t possibly know until you try!

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    How often are lessons?
    Lessons are once a week for one whole hour! Anything less than once a week will end up with you making very slow progress and getting bored in between lessons. Anything more than once a week will not give you enough time in between lessons to practice what you’ve learned and you’ll end up using the second lesson in the week to practice what you learned at the first lesson instead of learning something new.

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    How much do I need to practice?
    If you consistently attend lessons, you won’t need to practice a lot during the week since you’ll learn your assignments fully during the lesson and all you’ll need to do at home is just review what you learned. With that being said, more practice is never a bad thing. If you want to achieve your goals faster and become more comfortable playing difficult things, then the more practice the better. The more you play, the more you will retain what you’ve learned and you will progress even faster. The most important thing is CONSISTENCY. If you can only practice 30 minutes a day, that’s completely fine, but you should aim to practice 30 minutes every day, not just 2-3 days a week. Make it a routine like brushing your teeth!

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    Do you give me the lesson books?
    Yes, I will give you all the lesson books you need before your first lesson so that you are ready to go and don’t have to go searching for anything!

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    What are lab lessons like if it’s not group?
    Lab lessons are not to be confused with group lessons. You are never taught at the same time as everyone else in your class and you don’t have to be on the same level or even the same age as anyone else. You have your own keyboard with headphones and you work on your individual songs at your own pace and you will work with me 1-1. You don’t have to play in front of anyone or with anyone in the class. The only difference between my style and traditional, private lessons is that I am not looming over you while you’re trying to practice something new. I give you your space to figure things out without stress and you’re able to practice your songs fully before going home!

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    Do you teach through summer?
    Yes! The studio schedule doesn’t operate on a school schedule so lessons are taught all year round with the exception of a few vacation weeks you will know about in advance. Please pla