Your Piano Teacher May Not Be a Pianist

By: Sara Chatalbash

Owner | Teacher


Many piano teachers are not trained pianists; they’re guitarists, vocalists, or some other variant.

They’ve decided to teach beginner piano because they can play a little piano themselves. Others are self-taught players who have not been formally trained. These are piano teachers you DON’T want to learn from.

You’ll eventually surpass their teaching abilities and have to find someone more capable.

I’ve received numerous students who’ve left their teachers because they’ve become better than the teacher and needed to find someone to finish the job. These students had developed bad habits and had major gaps in their education.

Teachers who are not trained pianists are creating a vicious cycle of teaching people to play poorly and then those students go on to teach more people how to play poorly. The world will be filled with more bad pianists than good ones pretty soon.

I think you deserve to be taught by someone who can take you from A-Z. I want to create better musicians, confident musicians, well-rounded musicians, and phenomenal musicians. I’ve done it for other students and I’ll do it for you. Do you really want a piano teacher whose main instrument isn’t piano?

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