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I’m playing and reading music easier & faster than I ever imagined!”

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– Rebecca Mason, Student

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You’ve Always Wanted to Play the Piano…

But as an adult, you might think you’re too old, worry about not having enough time, or feel nervous about starting something new. It might seem as if your musical opportunity has slipped away, and playing a full song on the piano feels unreachable.

Don’t blame yourself—life gets busy, and it’s natural to have concerns about learning something new as adults.

Now is the perfect time to focus on yourself and your aspirations. Imagine the immense pride you’ll feel as you master the piano and effortlessly play the songs you’ve always enjoyed listening to. That moment, when you realize you’ve transformed into a skilled pianist, will be truly unforgettable.

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Hi, I’m Sara, Your Piano Teacher Who Understands the Struggles of Being a Beginner

When I was a beginner I’d get so frustrated that I couldn’t get my hands to do what I wanted them to do. Overwhelmed by all the things I still had to learn, I even thought of giving up a few times.

As a graduate of the Crane School of Music and a pianist of 25 years, I’ve developed a unique teaching approach that breaks down complex techniques into simple, easy-to-understand language.

My mission is to help adults become confident and skilled piano players. With my proven lesson format, I’ve helped many students play their favorite songs with ease.

Let me guide you on your musical journey and help you achieve your piano-playing goals.

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Sara Chatalbash
Owner | Piano Teacher

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SPECIAL INTRO OFFER: Come Check Us for 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Lessons That Take the Mystery Out of Playing the Piano For Adults

And you have access to your teacher 24/7 so you’ll never feel stuck or frustrated at home.

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Let’s be real, not every adult jumps at the thought of piano lessons. But what if learning the piano could be fun and easy? That’s where my lab-style lessons come in.

I’ve created a unique teaching approach that’s designed specifically for adults. I’ve taken out all the negatives I saw with traditional lessons and made learning the piano enjoyable.

With my lab lessons, you’ll never feel alone in your musical journey. You’ll experience the thrill of learning alongside a supportive community of like-minded adults. Say goodbye to the social isolation that comes with traditional lessons and hello to a fun, engaging way to learn the piano!

SPECIAL INTRO OFFER: Come Check Us for 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Play the Piano With Ease in 3 Simple Steps

It’s really this simple.

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Come to Weekly Lessons

You’ll learn the fundamentals and quick tips so you get better, faster.

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Play the Songs You Love

Enjoy playing your favorite songs from Mozart to Motown and beyond.

SPECIAL INTRO OFFER: Come Check Us for 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Experience What You’ve Been Missing

I’d hate for you to miss these advantages.


24/7 Teacher Access

You can text me questions during the week so you never feel stuck between lessons.

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Faster Results

With 60 minute lessons, you’ll see twice as much progress each week.


Pressure-Free Environment

You are empowered and supported each step of the way.


Learn at Your Own Pace

Need more time on a concept? I’ll adjust lessons to make sure you get it.

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Easily Play With Both Hands

This is a tricky one for most adults. I’ll show you how to do it with ease.

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Other Adult Students

There are adults just like you taking lessons here so you’re not the only one!

SPECIAL INTRO OFFER: Come Check Us for 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

You probably have a passion for music, right? You might have even tried a trial lesson, some private piano lessons, or online lessons with an experienced teacher and musician and it didn’t work out. Now, you landed here, saw our music lessons, and are thinking about taking the opportunity for an introductory lesson to see what all the hoopla is about. You’re most likely an adult beginner not looking for anything fancy or too serious with a teacher who can teach you your favorite piece of music one day and introduce you to various musical styles, not just classical music. You want a teacher who is going to help foster your enjoyment of music through piano. Well, you’ve come to the right place. These are not kids piano lessons.


Here, I provide classes for adults who have varied skill levels, especially those who are absolute beginners. Unlike a lot of big-box music stores that teach thousands of students under dozens of piano instructors who don’t have the time to focus on your musical goals because they’re so busy, I am the sole teacher here in a private music school with only a select number of piano students. A lot of piano instructors in those stores and even a lot of private teachers are not experienced piano teachers with a lot of piano experience. Here, your piano classes will be customized to you to make your piano studies well-rounded, which includes reading sheet music, music theory, and performance opportunities. My classes for adults are different from traditional, private lessons in that I provide private practice time within the lesson to foster independent learning. I teach the fundamentals while also adding in songs and pieces of music you enjoy. I teach beginner piano students, intermediate piano students, and advanced students. Intermediate piano lessons aren’t much different from beginners lessons in that they’re still held in the lab format- you don’t need private piano lessons even at an intermediate level. If you’re an advanced player and are looking to train for college auditions in front of piano faculty to get a degree in piano performance or music education, NYSSMA, or gain professional performance experience, I also provide private coaching. Advanced music students need private lessons to focus on more things. If you need a digital piano or piano at home, plenty of stores provide rental programs if you’re not sure if you’ll stick with it.

Before and After Personalized Piano Lessons 

I asked a few students what their life was like before Chatalbash Lessons and how it’s improved after enrolling. Wow, what a difference!

BEFORE:I’d see someone playing piano and be amazed at how they could do that.”

AFTER:I can sit at any piano and make music. It’s incredible how fast it happened.”

BEFORE: “I tried teaching myself piano off of Youtube, but I kept hitting roadblocks.”

AFTER: “In just a few lessons, Sara made playing the piano easier and simpler than before.”

BEFORE:I thought, “Am I too old to learn? Can I really do this? This looks really hard.”

AFTER:Sara put my fears to rest. It’s wild that I can play songs that actually sound like the song!”

SPECIAL INTRO OFFER: Come Check Us Out for 30mins for Only $30 – No Obligation

Takes Only 30 Seconds

Let’s Make Your Piano Playing a Success Story

Just like Marissa, Deb, Teddy, and Nicole.

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“My Parents are Going to Flip Out When They See I Can…”

I know mastering piano normally starts off at a younger age, but Sara reassured me that I could definitely learn. I look forward to lessons each and every week… – Marissa Dunne, Seaford, NY